Jasmine Chan

Height: 5'4"
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown 

Jasmine has taken off this year! Turning 18 yrs old and able to play younger is a bonus! 

Hometown: Ottawa
Birth sign: Sagittarius 
Background: Caucasian (French-Canadian) and Chinese
Acted Since Age15
How discovered: Angie’s open call of course!
Your Favorite AuditionHappy slapping. I got to audition for a very rough and disturbed character. It was a lot fun to step out of my comfort zone and let out my inner rebel. 
Awkward Audition or On The Set Moment: Auditioning for House at the End of the Street. It’s hard to pretend to be in love with a total stranger.
Most Embarrassing On The Set Mishap: Looking right into the camera after being told specifically not to look at it! I kind of ruined the scene.
How do you handle High School: Not going to lie I don't think I'd ever go back. But there’s always going to be really tough moments and really good moments, everything is changing. I think high school is the hardest challenge in everyone’s life but once you make it through it, it gets better.
Favorite Scene:
Favorite Actor: Matt Damon.
Favorite music, band: Eminem, hands down.
Favorite designers/models:

Favorite foods: Italian.
Hobbies: Dancing and reading. I’m a total bookworm.
Style after work and at play: Nothing’s more comfy than leggings, a big sweater and fluffy slippers.

Movie you want to see next: The Social Network.
Most Embarrassing song on your iPod: The ENTIRE High School Musical soundtrack. 
Dreams and Goals: I definitely want to act, its all I ever wanted. It might be a lot of rejection and waiting but it’s definitely worth it and it builds character. Nothing feels better than stepping on to a set and meeting new people.
About Angie’s - your agency/booker: Great! She’s got your back; whenever something needs to be done she makes sure it is and supports you!



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