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Talent of the Month: Alex Cardillo

Name: Alex Cardillo
Age: 11 years old
Height: 4′4″
Hair: Browny Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Hometown: Ottawa
Birth sign: Capricorn

Background: I was born in Dublin, Ireland, and I was raised in Kenya, East Africa where I lived for the first 5 years of my life. I now live in Canada. My father is British, my mother is Irish, my sister is Irish, my Grandmother is German, my Grandfather was Italian, and I also have Scottish, Viking and …..a whole lot more - I guess a bit like “Irish Stew".

Acted Since Age: 10

How discovered: Through Angies open talent call

Your Favorite Audition: Durham County because it was my first major part. I was nervous and excited at the same time. On my callback I had decided to give it all I had…and more!

Awkward Audition or On The Set Moment: We were blocking a scene, and my dad had bought me a pair of toy handcuffs (except they looked real) and when the scene arrived at my part, I was locked in the handcuffs as I had been quietly playing with them - I still managed to five my lines, but the others couldn’t because they were laughing too much.

Most Embarrassing On The Set Mishap: I was supposed to run down the stairs and hide. Running too fast I tripped and slide across the floor from one side of the room to the other…just like superman!

What are the projects/films you have worked on so far: A Nanny’s Secret; Durham County season 2; Stopped; Incredible World Investigators; Family Biz; Giant Tiger Runway Shows at Ottawa Super Ex 2008 and Giant Tiger Flyers.

Favorite Scene: My favourite scene so far was in Durham County when my screen mom smashed up the kitchen - everything was overturned, smashed and messy!!

Favorite Actor: I would have to say Pierce Brosnan - he amazingly talented, and absolutely great in Mama Mia! And…he is Irish!

Favorite music, band: James Blunt, Jonas Brothers, and Black Eyed Peas.

Favorite actors/ designers/models: Meryl Streep and Ann Hathaway - they are very funny and great actors.

Favorite foods: I am a big sucker for a nice burger, potatoe cakes, and chicken noodle soup.

What are your favorite destinations and where would you like to go one day: I am very lucky as I have been to many places before. I have been to: England, Ireland, L.A. California, Africa and or course, Canada. In Africa, I saw lots of interesting things! I saw a whole bunch of different birds and monkeys. I saw lions, elephants, rhinoceroses and hippopotami. I would like to go and tour around Europe. I would like to see the Eiffel Tower in France and run with the bulls in Spain.

Hobbies/Sports: I enjoy all sports, but especially . snowboarding, skiing, martial arts, and swimming. I love acting, doing anything creative and playing video games. These things make me feel charged up. I really like building Lego vehicles. I love cooking too, it is so much fun! I also love to entertain people and lots of people think I am funny. I am really good at being funny and indeed I make lots of jokes

Pet Peeve: One of the things that bugs me the most is homework! It takes up too much of my time and I do enough work in school. Another thing I hate, is poaching. This bothers me because all animals have a job on this planet and poachers are stopping them from doing it. The last thing that bothers me is bullying because hurting another kid does not solve anything.

What would you change in this world: If I could change one thing about the world, it would be to cure disease. I would become a research doctor and find the cures that I am looking for. Then, I would run for president of the U.S.A. and make the drugs free for everyone. I believe that goodness can be seen in people, when they are being polite and kind to others and showing Gods love.

Movie you want to see next: Bedtime Stories

Most Embarrassing song on your iPod: don’t have one…yet!

Dreams and Goals: My goal is to be the best actor I can possibly be and entertaining people….one of my dreams is going to Hollywood and winning an oscar!

About Angie’s - your agency/booker: WOW…did I ever think she would get me this far so quickly? Did I ever think I would have so much fun? Angie and Lou are people who are very special to me! Anyone thinking of signing up should do it now! Indeed!

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